Fragiskos D. Fragiskos DDS, PhD       Associate Professor School of Dentistry University of Athens

Fragiskos D. Fragiskos DDS, PhD
Associate Professor School of Dentistry University of Athens

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Local anesthesia and sedation - analgesia in dentistry

Second edition 2007

The purpose of this book is the reference to contemporary points of view and opinions involving local anesthesia and sedation, on a theoretical as well as on a practical level, so that the student and every general dentist may have a complete aid at their disposal.

The material of this book is divided into two parts. The first part includes 19 chapters, while the second part is comprised of 12 chapters.



Medical emergencies at the dental office
Published 1999

A medical emergency is not a rare phenomenon at the dental office, while its diagnosis and the indicated management may prove to be of vital importance.
The purpose of this book is to provide an essential and practical aid for the management of such emergencies.





Oral surgery
Published 2000

This book refers to oral surgery with a representative, step-by-step, analysis of the indicated surgical techniques, depending on the case.
The book includes 16 chapters.





Oral Surgery
Published 2007

This book covers a wide range of topics in oral surgery with detailed, step-by-step analysis of surgical techniques, with many examples. Various aspects of surgical techniques are analyzed. These include the instruments and materials used in oral surgery, types of flaps and suturing techniques, radiographic techniques, complications and treatment, and odontogenic infections. Also covered is the latest scientific information concerning preventive and therapeutic use of antibiotics in dentistry. The abundant photographic material, together with figures which are of excellent quality, make this book a must in every dental library.




Traumatology for the general dentist
Published 2012

This book aims to give the dentist the opportunity to examine a broad range of clinical cases with detailed, step-by-step stages, with figures and pictures which are of excellent quality. The experience and expert opinions of the contributing authors together with the latest developments of contemporary treatment methods and techniques as well as the latest technology is presented.